Who Are We?

EconDataLab is a leading provider of economic & financial insights and forecasts. We are a team of excellent economists, who have a wealth of experience in data sourcing, research, and forecasting. We pride ourselves with the breadth and depth of our coverage, particularly in the emerging markets. The employment of AI in our workflows makes it possible for us to deliver data that is of the best quality.

We continue to grow everyday – thanks to the confidence our clients have bestowed in us. We cover multiple industries such as banks & insurers, energy, metals, sovereigns, and consumer.

Our Datasets
  • Up-To-Date Data

    We update our data monthly, quarterly, or as and when our reliable source publishes data.

  • Reliable Figures

    Not sure about a specific data point or series? Contact us, we will point you to the source.

  • Ultralong Datasets

    We have monthly, quarterly, and annually data that spans over 20 years.

  • Reasonable Pricing

    We want you to walk away knowing and feeling that you are at the better end of the deal.

  • Accurate Forecasts

    We use robust econometric models along with industry experts to make predictions.

  • Standardized Data

    We standardize the wording of indicators, the scale of the figures, and remove white spaces.